Welcome to SareesBazaar, where style meets influence!

Are you a trendsetter with a passion for fashion and a flair for creating engaging content? If so, we want you to join our exclusive Fashion Influencer Program! We are on the lookout for fashion influencers who can bring their unique style to the forefront and help us showcase our brand in the most creative and authentic way possible.

We're on the lookout for diverse and dynamic partnerships. Here's a breakdown about what we are expecting from you:

  • Branding:

Make snappy videos and reels where you talk about our website, products, shipping, and stitching services. Show your face, let your voice shine.

  • Offers & Discounts:

Get creative with posts that shout about our current and upcoming deals. Your job? Make them stand out, so everyone knows they're in for something special.

  • Affiliate:

Turn your influence into actual rewards. You get commissions and incentives for every sale that comes from your promotions. We'll give you an exclusive code to share with your crew.

  • Blogging:

Put your writing skills to use. Create exciting blog posts about our brands, services, and offers. Share them on your blogs to make your audience feel the vibe.

Types of Collaborations:

  • Collaborative Reels (Instagram + Facebook):

Showcase your fashion sense through dynamic and engaging collaborative Reels that will be featured on both Instagram and Facebook. Bring your creative vision to life and captivate your audience with the latest trends.

  • Multiple Stories & Highlights (Instagram + Facebook):

Share your daily style adventures with our brand through multiple Stories on Instagram and Facebook. Highlight key pieces, fashion tips, and immerse your followers in the world of our fashion-forward products.

  • Carousel Static Posts (Instagram):

Curate stunning visual experiences with Carousel Static Posts on Instagram. Feature multiple pictures in one post, telling a compelling fashion story that resonates with your audience.

  • Blog Posts

Passionate bloggers can share their unique style perspectives, trend analyses, and fashion insights on their blogs/website about our products and brand - your voice matters.

Our Collaboration Requirements:

We believe in fair compensation for your time, effort, and creativity. We request you to please share with us the charges for below mentioned collaborative contents:

  • Per Post: Specify your rate for a single post on any of the mentioned collaboration types.
  • Multiple Posts: If you prefer to create a series of posts, let us know your rate for multiple posts within a specified time frame.
  • Daily Posts: For influencers who are ready to share our products, offers and other content on daily basis.
  • Weekly Posts: A more extended partnership with regular posts throughout the week.
  • Monthly Posts: Establish a long-term connection with your audience through monthly partnerships, allowing for sustained growth and engagement.
  • Have some other content suggestions: Feel free to share us your creative ideas.

Please Note:

  • Prices are negotiable based on follower count, engagement rates, and the level of creativity you bring to the collaboration.
  • The charges and collaboration details will be discussed individually with interested influencers based on their reach, engagement, and creative approach.
  • We are open to negotiations and finding a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Why Collaborate with Us?

  • Exposure: Reach a broader audience through our platform and social media channels.
  • Creative Freedom: Express your unique style and creativity while featuring our products.
  • Partnership Opportunities: Unlock long-term collaboration possibilities and exclusive brand partnerships.
  • Featured on our Website and Social Media: Gain additional visibility through features on our website and social media profiles.
  • Monetary Compensation: Receive fair compensation for your time and dedication.
  • Exclusive Access: Be the first to showcase our latest fashion releases.


How to Apply:

If you're interested in becoming a fashion influencer with us, simply reach out to us via email at sareesbazaar.socialmedia@gmail.com with the subject line "Fashion Influencer Collaboration." Include links to your website, blogs, social media profiles, follower counts on each platform, engagement insights, a brief introduction about yourself, and why you'd be a great fit for our brand.

You may also WhatsApp us at +91 9898598984 for further discussion. Don’t forget to mention "Fashion Influencer Collaboration" before starting the chat.

We look forward to seeing your creativity shine and creating a fashionable partnership with you!